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5 Stunning off-beat Travel Destinations for this new year


As the new year is about to begin in few days, everyone is getting excited and has started making travel plans. Popular tourist spots tend to be crowded and not to mention, hotel prices hikes like anything at this time. So, sometimes traveling to off-beat places will lead to a peaceful start away from the crowdy destinations.

Here is a list of some off – beat places that you plan to visit this new year.

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1. Visit Gokarna Instead Of Goa:

Goa is  the most loved destination for New Year’s Eve parties and a lot of people go there at the time of new year. There are many fascinating ways to ring in the New Year when you’re in Goa, from roaring nightclub events to boho beach parties. Without a doubt, Goa tops the list of the best places to visit during New Year’s Eve. Being the popular place, it also attracts all the people and hotel prices skyrocket.

Goa (Image source: Getty)

Gokarna, on the other hand, can be a perfect place if you are looking for tranquility away from the hustle and bustle. While Goa’s beaches are noisy and crowded, Gokarna’s beaches are relatively quieter and more unassuming with fewer travelers. Gokarna also has a large number of shacks and resorts that are also pocket friendly at the same time. You will enjoy a bunch of  traditional delicacies and South Indian flavored seafood.

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Gokarna also offers you exciting adventure sports like beach soccer, beach volleyball, parasailing, banana boat ride and jet skiing. So Gokarna is no less if you want to spend a great New Year’s Eve.

Gokarna (Image source: Getty)

2. Visit Mahabalipuram Instead Of Pondicherry:

You can enjoy a variety of activities that are available in Pondicherry. The place seems to be like a fantasy land, from cycling on the beach to having fun at rooftop cafes. The former French capital is one of the more affordable places to travel over the New Year. On the other hand, the calm, seductive atmosphere and spectacular location with several beautiful white sand beaches filled with casuarina trees are good reasons to visit Mahabalipuram as well.

Pondicherry (Image source: Getty)

New Year celebrations are also held in Mahabalipuram to be enjoyed on the 31st, but apart from that, you can treat yourself to the rich Indian heritage by visiting the Shore Temple, the five Rathas and a huge rock-cut relief called Arjuna’s Penance. You can also enjoy the beaches on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. Mahabalipuram is also home to other Hindu cave temples like Krishna and Varaha cave temple and plenty of other interesting places to visit.

Mahabalipuram (Image source: Getty)

So this New Year, besides partying, you can also get a taste of heritage when you visit Mahabalipuram, which will indeed bring a fresh peaceful start to the coming year.

3. Visit Kumbalgarh Instead Of Udaipur:

While Udaipur may be an interesting and lavish place to spend the New Year considering the number of palaces it has and the beautiful lakes, Kumbalgarh is actually no less. You can spend time and marvel at the beautiful architecture of Kumbalgarh Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An interesting thing to see here is the light and sound that is shown during sunset. You can also have a thrilling experience exploring the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It will be very nice to start the new year fresh by praying at Neelkantha Mahadeo Temple in Kumbalgarh, one of the most serene places.

Udaipur (Image source: Getty)

Udaipur’s spas, resorts and cafes might make you go wild on New Year’s Eve and end the year with a bang, but exploring temples, forts and the national park in Kumbalgarh can just as well be a refreshing change.

Kumbalgarh (Image source: Getty)

4. Visit Jibhi Instead Of Manali:

The highly anticipated winter carnival may sound tempting and urge you to pack your bags and head to Manali this New Year, but this year you can also try Jibhi after spending a day or two in Manali. This lesser explored hamlet indeed has a lot to offer.

Manali (Image source: Getty)

Often referred to as a captivating ‘hamlet’, Jibhi is the ideal location to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is surrounded by colorful mountains and set amidst lush green forests. Jibhi is a remote area of ??Himachal Pradesh that is not yet developed and surrounded by natural beauty. This location is worth visiting for its thick pine trees, peaceful freshwater lakes and immaculate temples.

Jibhi (Image source: Getty)

5. Visit Wayanad Instead Of Coorg:

Coorg, also known as ‘the Scotland of India’, is the perfect place to ring in the new year. Coorg is the ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore and can also be the ideal family holiday destination due to its beautiful combination of mountains and the Kaveri River. Coorg may be as beautiful and exciting as it sounds, but you can also try out another famous New Year destination, and that is Wayanad.

Coorg (Image source: Getty)

Known for its lush landscapes and heavy clouds, Wayanad, in Kerala, is filled with breathtaking vistas. It is a great place for nature lovers to see spectacular birds and unusual species. In addition, adventurers climb high hills and water features, making it possible to spend relaxing weekends among the scent of new tea gardens. You could visit this city for its exuberance and abundance of waterfalls and backwaters and spend the new year away from the busy city life.

Wayanad (Image source: Getty)


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