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10 Places To Try Railbiking In The U.S.


Not many have heard of it, but railbiking is slowly being introduced as a new form of sightseeing – and exercise. As the name suggests, it involves biking on railroads – an open-air activity perfect for tourists who want to try new ways of appreciating the surroundings, all the while losing some calories.

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Tourists should imagine this: as they pedal along the railway, they’ll be enveloped by stunning views, whether they are touring an urban or rural area. The breeze will entice them to explore further or have a repeat visit. Many travel outfitters now offer railbiking, and lovers of the outdoors should not miss this adventure.

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10/10 North Creek, New York

A railbike journey in North Creek will take guests through the lush forest canopy of the Adirondack Mountains, a needed shade while enjoying this outdoor activity. The seven-mile journey will take around two hours to finish, and it’s the perfect activity for families with kids. It’s the chance for the young-at-hearts to be the best guides for the young ones, explaining the importance of the Hudson and Boreas Rivers. To get the most out of their New York trip, travelers can also try tubing. From the rails to the river, North Creek knows how to wow.

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9/10 Fort Bragg, California

The phrase, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show,” is a lifestyle in Fort Bragg, thanks to a railbike adventure along the scenic Pudding Creek. The activity follows the Redwood Route, crossing over wooden trestle bridges and into the heart of Mendocino County. There’s no need to steer as the railbike is more than adept at navigating the historic tracks, so the only thing riders need to do is look here, there, and everywhere. They should keep their eyes peeled as otters, deer, ospreys, and other critters might reveal themselves. Pure bliss, indeed.

8/10 York County, Pennsylvania

York County is proud of its many attractions and unique activities, and one way to appreciate its charm is on the railroad. One must-try journey is railbiking into the tunnel where the train that carried the coffin of former president Abraham Lincoln in 1865 passed through. The said trip starts from the borough of Seven Valleys up to Howard Tunnel, or a seven-mile of historical adventure (roundtrip). It will take up to two hours to finish, and beyond stories of the past, riders can also check out river bridges, colonial stone houses, expansive farmlands, and charming villages.

7/10 Cape May, New Jersey

The city of Cape May is a famous vacation destination, and those enjoying its resorts and beaches should try a different outdoor activity on the tracks. Enjoying the sun aboard a railbike is an enticing experience, especially while riders are hugged by the expansive views of meadows teeming with wildflowers and other blooming flora. Add the sight of songbirds, raptors, and butterflies, and the roundtrip four-mile journey through The Nature Conservancy’s Garrett Family Preserve is nothing but filled with life.

6/10 Frostburg, Maryland

The city of Frostburg offers a longer railbike experience: 10 miles along the rail trail of the Great Allegheny Passage. The ride starts from the city’s train depot, where tourists will initially take in the charm of the town before they appreciate nature views, thanks to the stunning mountains. One highlight of the trip is when tourists pass through Brush Tunnel and along the park of Helmstetter’s Curve. Windmills can also be spotted along the trail, aside from old homes and maybe waving locals.

5/10 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is more than just its bustling casino culture, as this city is also rich in history. One way to learn about Sin City’s past is through the tracks. An eight-mile ride from the Nevada State Railroad Museum will let riders appreciate stunning views of the Mojave Desert and River Mountains. Meanwhile, a shorter ride, around four miles, involves a railside picnic. Those staying away from the heat of the sun can join a sunset or an evening adventure. Sunup or sundown, railbiking moments in Las Vegas are always worth it.

4/10 Wallowa County, Oregon

Railbiking puts the wow in Wallowa County, a charming destination in Oregon. It is home to Joseph Branch Railway, a portion of which is inactive and now serves as a playground to lovers of adventure. The said railroad will take riders along lush forests and wide farmlands and over pristine creeks and scenic marshes. The Wallowa Mountains, meanwhile, will serve as companions throughout the journey. The 12-mile trip seems not enough, so a repeat is a must. In Oregon, it’s fine to wallow in the wonders of Wallowa.

3/10 Shelton, Washington

The city of Shelton makes sure to deliver exciting outdoor adventures, something is easily done through railbiking. A two-hour (roundtrip) 13-mile ride through tracks will take tourists over and along the pristine Goldsborough Creek, but not before passing by a lush forest. The greenery along the railway will calm everyone, helping riders forget that they are pedaling. Railbikers should keep their eyes peeled for some birds as these winged friends are residents of the forest and the creek. The tour is so mesmerizing some visitors might opt for a life in the countryside.

2/10 South Fork, Colorado

Nothing goes south in South Fork, Colorado, especially if tourists are aboard a railbike. The journey takes six miles and can be completed in two hours, not enough considering the views are enticing. After all, the Rio Grande will be the riders’ perfect companions as they conquer the scenic trail. If they can’t get enough of the Colorado waterway, they can pair the railbike with a paddling journey, where more vistas of the river and the Coller State Wildlife Area await.

1/10 Concord, New Hampshire

Railbikes are easy to pedal, so even kids can join adults for this unique outdoor activity. As such, families can try pedaling through tracks, creating worthwhile memories. For such an adventure, Concord delivers. Though the railbike tour in this New Hampshire city only takes 1.75 hours to finish, the journey is filled with wonders. The route happens on the last remaining section of the historic Northern Railroad, taking riders through wide farmlands, lush woods, and along the pristine Merrimack River. Tranquility is the name of the game in this Concord adventure.


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